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Woody Technologies

Woody Technologies

Multi-format ingests from any device or location into your post-production environment and also outgests towards Avid® Interplay Production.

About Woody Technologies

Woody's user-centric applications fit in most technology environments and allow flexible integrations. To meet the needs of their customers, Woody Technologies entered into numerous technological partnerships with major industry players in the media & entertainment sector. Woody solutions are now deployed and in daily use at almost all French broadcasters and at many players in 20+ countries.

Woody Technologies products

Woody Social

All in one tool to search across every social network.
Woody Social allows journalists to research social media for content of interest and professionally download and ingest videos including metadata into professional production environments. Woody Social integrates the powerful search engine that enables to search by keywords or location. Get live updates of search results, filter photo and video content, save search criteria, run multiple searches simultaneously, manage lists of social accounts, create albums or interact with Twitter users. 
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Woody in2it

One tool to manage local & remote ingest operations.
Woody in2it is a professional multi-format browsing, screening, trimming and ingest tool into Avid Interplay PAM* and MAMs. It supports a wide range of video formats. The built-in transcoding and re-wrapping engine automatically applies the most efficient handling method. Woody in2it Go is available for Windows, iOS and Android devices. 
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Woody Ingest Live

From live feeds to editing - easier and faster.
Woody Ingest Live enables the capture of SDI, NDI and IP Live sources to post-production environments. It allows users to schedule recordings, add metadata and edit while capture in their favorite editing software. Integration with media asset management platforms such as Avid MediaCentral is easy and smooth. The web-based scheduler enables collaboration of several users. Woody Ingest Live obtains 3 key features: integrating with most PAM and MAM systems on the market; smart transcoding and rewrap rules; automated ingest for all media formats. 
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Woody Outgest

Woody Outgest reinvents transfers from Avid® MediaCentral.
Woody Outgest manages all technical publishing tasks from Avid® Interplay PAM. Media ready for publication is automatically detected and effectively processed to playout servers, archiving systems, VOD transcoding farms or external storage. Depending on the use case, Woody Outgest can rewrap MXF OpAtom files directly from the ISIS storage or trigger the Avid Interplay Transfer Engine or Avid Interplay Transcode to get a flattened file to export. 
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Woody Technologies

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Woody Technologies

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