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Venera Technologies

Venera Technologies

Flexible automated QC for rapid checking, sorting and in-depth verification. 
On-premise and in the cloud. 

About Venera Technologies

Venera Technologies is a video solutions company widely known for its innovative products and solutions worldwide. Since its foundation in 2003, Venera has been a front runner in digital media space. It was one of the first companies to introduce video analysis products in 2003 thereby helping accelerate early adoption of new codec standards such as H.264.

Venera Technologies products


Venera’s flagship offering, the Pulsar™ automated file-based QC solution for on-premise deployment, is one o the the world’s fastest File based Automated QC system that is used by some of the largest Media companies in the world, as well as a number of smaller boutique post houses and production companies. And Venera’s Quasar™, the first native cloud-based QC solution, provides the same QC functionalities as Pulsar, developed natively for the Cloud environment with features such as dynamic scalability and usage based pricing model to meet today’s advanced cloud-based digital workflows. 
These QC solutions are ideal for OTTs, OVPs, Broadcasters, Studios, post/production houses, as well as colorists and editors. Aside from support for all common video/audio formats in SD, HD, and 4K resolutions, Pulsar and Quasar support many advanced capabilities such as validation and analysis of HDR, Adaptive bitrate content (HLS and DASH), Photo Sensitive Epilepsy (PSE), as well as IMF and, DCP packages. Venera also provides ‘ready to use’ QC templates for some of the more popular platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, iTunes, CableLabs, and DPP. Venera’s Pulsar Pay Per Use edition provides the most unique usage-based on-premise QC solution in the market for users with infrequent QC needs. 
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