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Technology K.A.R

Technology K.A.R

Technology K.A.R is serving the Egyptian, North-American and Middle-eastern market with a powerful spectrum of services consisting of consulting, development, systems integration services and operational support of media technology infrastructures.  

About Technology K.A.R

Technology K.A.R with experience of over 22 years is a leading systems architect and Integrator in the fields of broadcasting and media technology, specialized in the television, media and telecommunications industries. The company, headquartered in Cairo, Egypt.

Technology K.A.R products

Services and Products by Technology K.A.R

Technology K.A.R provides turn-key and full-service integration beginning from architecting the solution, designing, planning, supplying equipment, integrating systems, commissioning and technology supporting. In addition, it has partnership with major vendors and manufacturers in the broadcasting and audio, video and lightning industry. 
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